The AG-NMR of GÖCh is a platform for NMR-spectroscopists in Austria and  offers in particular opportunities for scientific exchange. The newly  introduced "Österreichischer NMR Workshop" as well as the "Central  European NMR Meeting" in Valtice (Czech Republic) are annually  discussion forums, which bring NMR-spectroscopists together. Another goal of the AG-NMR is to demonstrate the possibilities of NMR  spectroscopy for all colleagues working in molecular sciences.

Therefore, we offer NMR mini-symposia on the Austrian chemistry days.  Further important items of our offer are summer schools for NMR in  liquid and in solid phase, which are held in two year intervals. These  several day lasting events are especially organized for young colleagues  looking for an introduction to NMR spectroscopy.

All colleagues interested in NMR spectroscopy are invited to participate in the events and are also welcome as members in the AG-NMR.